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Keserwan – Lebanon

Keserwan – Lebanon

Keserwan is both, a coastal and mountainous region north of Beirut. It can be reached by means of a highway. It is distinguished for its historic sites and for its location and beautiful natural scenery.

The name of Keserwan is most probably that of a Persian clan named the Kesra, who were early Persian settlers of the region. Kesra (Arabicized version of Khosro) has always been a common Persian name. Keserwan is its plural form.

Other sources suggest the name was named in honor of the leader of the Mardaite, Prince “Kosra”, who won decisive battles against the Umayyad Caliphate invasion of Mount Lebanon in the early 8th century.

According to voter registration data, the population is overwhelmingly Christian – in fact, the highest percentage-wise in the nation – with a staggering 97.95% of voters being Christian.

Of those, Maronites dominate the population, with Maronites alone composing 92.16% of all voters in the district. The remaining Christians are Greek Melkite Catholics (2.14%), “minority Christians” (1.26%), Orthodox Christians (0.89%), Armenian Orthodox Christians (0.72%), Armenian Catholics (0.66%), and finally Evangelicals (0.11%). The Muslim population (2.05%) are divided between Shi’as (1.80%), Sunnis (0.25%), Alawis (0.01%) and Druze (0.01%).