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Venise Mode

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Venise Mode has been established since 1987 and has been growing since then. Venise Mode has all the rights and works in conformity with the Lebanese Laws and is enrolled under a commercial registration number at Baabda.

Venise Mode is a brand owned by Mr. Robert Getty, it is an industry in fashion design where women clothes are either produced in the factory or imported from Turkey, Italy and France. Venise Mode is located in Jiser Al Bacha with respect to the two shops that it provides with the whole collection which are: St Tropez ( located in New Jdeide ) and Butterfly ( located in Burj Hamoud)

Venise Mode promises to provide its customers with the best quality of clothes, fashionable trends and good prices parallel to the best service.

Women of different ages can find clothes that they need from blouses, jackets, pants, shorts, skirts, overalls, suits, long and short dresses ( for everyday and for occasions like Baptisms, Weddings etc..)

We believe that this is your brand, your shop and your collection.

Venise Mode – Jeser al Bacha : +961 1 492 768
St Tropez- New Jdeide : +961 70 133 624
Butterfly- Bourj Hammoud: +961 3 898 336

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