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Mozart Chahine

Established in 1966, Mozart Chahine is the biggest musical institution in the Middle East.
Tailoring to the needs of businesses and customers alike, we offer our products through wholesale and retail channels.

Our showrooms offer a myriad of multinational brands with exclusive availability within Mozart Chahine, which gives us the ability to offer the widest variety of products and brands ranging from amateur to expert equipment.
Our staff has extensive knowledge in musical equipment; therefore they are best suited to tailor to all your needs and inquiries.

Our “School Of Music” is recognized as being one of the leading musical schools in Lebanon. That being said, the aim of Mozart Chahine School of Music is to provide the highest caliber of classical music education. We are committed to create the best teaching & learning environment that fosters the artistic, intellectual, and personal growth of its students and prepares them to embark on successful careers and productive lives as musicians & performing artists.

In other words, we offer our products and services in perfect synergy.
Pick up your gear from our showrooms and get your musical career started by enrolling in our music school.

Lastly, Mozart Chahine is more than just a showroom and school, we are a family.
We foster and promote a family, supporting spirit in all of our activities, offering a guiding hand to all members since the beginning and throughout their musical careers.

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