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The Leading School for Arts & Music in Lebanon. Music, Music Appreciation, Dancing, Drama, Painting & Photography courses.

Music, Music Appreciation, Dancing, Drama, Painting & Photography courses.


– Classical Music:

●Viola / Alto
●Cello / Violoncelle
●Double bass / Contrebasse
●Guitar / Guitare
●Recorder / Flûte à bec
●Flute / Flûte traversière
●Clarinet / Clarinette
●Trumpet / Trompette
●Oboe / Hautbois
●Accordion / Accordéon
●Drums / Batterie
●World Percussion Latin

– Modern Music

●Guitar / Guitare
●Electric Guitar
●Acoustic Guitar
●Bass Guitar
●Drums / Batterie
●Armenian Dhol
●Latin Percussion
●Ear Training
●Music History

– Oriental / Traditional Music

●Kanun / Kanoun
●Buzuki / Bouzouki
●Armenian Duduk
●Armenian Kanun / Kanoun
●Singing lessons

– Singing

●Classical (opera)
●Oriental & modern (broadway, jazz, rock, pop…)

– Music Education (3-6years)

– Composition

●Theory / Théorie
●Sight Reading / Solfège
●Dictations / Dictées
●Harmony / Harmonie
●Accompaniment / Accompagnement
●Music History

– Choirs / Choral /Chorus

●Juniors (6 – 14 )
●Adults (15 – … )

– Bands


●Wood & wax crayon
●Mixed Media


●Slow Waltz
●Slow Foxtrot
●Viennese Waltz
●Latin America
●Paso Doble
●Argentinean Tango


●Standard: 5 dances (Slow Waltz, Tango, Slow Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz, Quickstep)
●Latin America: 5 dances (Samba, Cha-cha, Rumba, Paso Doble, Jive)
●Ten Dances(Latin America & Standard)




The program is based on four-session course and addressed to all amateurs who want to explore more the art of photography and take their technical and artistic skills to a higher level in order to realize successful shots.

This course will allow you to understand the functioning of a camera, the different lenses, the performance of the exposure, the depth of field, the several automatisms of a camera, the manual mode, the quality of light and light temperature, histograms, the composition rules, the usage of the flash, the mix light photography, the advantages of shooting in Raw versus JPG as well as the basics of post-processing techniques.

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