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Assi El Hallani

Assi’s musical career officially started after winning the Art Studio TV Program ‘’ Studio Al Fan “at the age of 17
He studied music for five years, from 1985 until 1990, at the Higher Institute of Music in Lebanon and specialized in playing the Oud (oriental guitar) and in singing techniques. He has starred in many concerts and festivals including the Jarash festival, the Carthage festival, and in a number of concerts around the Arab world, Europe and America.

He has released more than 23 albums and 50 music videos and is firmly established as a major star in the Region.
Assi El Hallani also composes music, the first one was in1991 and entitled ya hala bel Khayl , than Al Karar written by the poet Nizar kabbani, afterwards he composed the music of ya nakir al maarouf, Baba Am Yebki, Kowetna bi Wehdetna, Beirut Am Tebki, lebnani and many others.
His internationally known songs include wana Marik Marret, Bhebik W Bghar , Mali Sabr Ya Nas,Khalik bi Albi Baytak, Dalli Maaii, Sawt Al Hida , Jan Jnouni, Baroudti, Yimkin, Ya Teir, Saalouni, Bel Arabi and many others.
Assi Performed in numerous international theatres and stadiums like Albert Hall in London, Palais des Congres in Paris, Fox Theater in Detroit,Michigan in the USA, Jarach Culture & Arts Festivals in Jordan, Carthage Festival in Tunisia, Opera House in Cairo, sawt al dawe’ Festival In Egypte, Timgad Festival in Algeria, Opera House in Marbella, MGM Las Vegas in the USA.
He also participates in many theatre plays as “Opera al Dayaa” with Caracalla group “Men Ayam Salah eldein “in Baalbek “Zayed wal Helm “ in the Forum of Beirut and Shams wou Kamar “in Casino du Liban.
He received numerous of national and international awards and the most important one was an Honorary PHD from the University of Michigan.
Besides being a singer and composer Assi also participates in humanitarian engagements, he has been chosen as member of the world Food Program to fight poverty and hunger than nominated as the goodwill Ambassador in the Live Lebanon program (UNDP).

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