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We are pleased to present El Ajouz Travel and Tourism. We are a company dealing with inbound and outbound tickets and reservations, pioneered by a team of experienced senior managers and committed staff. El Ajouz Travel was founded in 1993 as an IATA Travel Agent, and we are now one of the top BSP agents in Lebanon. El Ajouz Travel's reliability and trustworthiness have kept us growing year after year, to become one of the top 5 travel agencies in Lebanon. We are flexible and have the ability to arrange itineraries for all kinds of interests to meet the needs of you and your clients. As common practice, the rates for hotels, sightseeing and package programmes will be presented as a confidential tariff for each period throughout the year
Contact Info  
Contact: Address:
  Ziad Al Ajouz   Hadi Nassrallah
  Tel:   Fax:
  +961 1 551566/ 3 635393   +961 1 551567
  City:   Visits:
  Beirut   1039
  Email:   Website:
  ziad@elajouztravel.com   www.elajouztravel.com
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